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Hospital de Clínicas.

Hospital de Clínicas.

These murals were painted in honor of the Hospital that received 300 wounded people from the terrorist attack that took place in Buenos Aires in 1994 at a Jewish Community Center. The mural on the left is about the desolation at the place of the attack. The human chains that removed the wounded from the scene of the explosion. The second mural is a tribute to the public hospital. It represents the doctors helping the wounded. A doctor in the foreground challenges the viewer, putting him in the place of the victim. "Because we are all victims of this attack”, says Martin Ron. The third one is an allegory of the figure of justice that disintegrates in an hourglass. “The figure is disappearing with the trace of time. Justice that is not imparted ends up becoming impunity "explains Ajras, the artist, in relation to the crime that, after 27 years of investigation, remains unclear.

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