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A beautiful cemetery

A beautiful cemetery

The Recoleta cemetery was built in 1822 as the first public cemetery in the city. Later, towards the end of the 19th century, when richer families moved to this area escaping from the yellow fever epidemic that took place in Buenos Aires in 1871, it became the cemetery for the richest families of the city. Among the personalities buried in the Recoleta Cemetery there are political leaders, presidents of the Nation, writers, athletes and businessmen. There is also a Nobel Prize Winner: Luis Federico Leloir who won the Noble Prize of Chemistry in 1970. Actually, this place is an open-air art museum where you can see different sculptures made by famous artists from Italy, Germany and France. Beautiful stained glass windows and doors with beautiful blacksmith work. Among the most visited vaults is that of Evita Perón, at the access door there are always flowers and letters that people leave. If you visit Buenos Aires you should definitely visit this place with a guide that will tell you the different stories and facts of this amazing cemetery. In our city tours we always include a visit to the cemetery. It is certainly a must see to visit in Buenos Aires.

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