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Felicitas Guerrero

Felicitas Guerrero

In November 1871, Felicitas and some friends went to one of her favorite ranches, La Postrera, located in the Castelli district, province of Buenos Aires. During the carriage ride, they were caught in a storm, causing the driver to stray. The carriage stopped. Suddenly, a man on horseback came to help, and when he saw that Felicitas Guerrero was in the carriage he said: "You are in my house, which is yours, madam." It was Samuel Sáenz Valiente, owner of the lands where they had strayed. Since then, love has been felt in the entire body of Felicitas, who, for the first time, knew that this feeling was not something that she only read in books but something so immense that she could never describe. The relationship matured, grew, until on January 29, 1872, Felicitas organized a meeting at the Quinta de Barracas, where she would announce her commitment to Samuel. Ocampo was waiting for her at the mansion, but she begged her aunt to get rid of him. She knew that Ocampo had not left and insisted on seeing her: he was waiting for her at the desk. Then she politely bowed her head to the guests, apologized and went to meet him. When Felicitas met Ocampo, he asked her directly and very nervously: "Are you marrying Samuel or me?" Immediately a loud and brief discussion began that was heard throughout the mansion. In seconds Enrique Ocampo pulled out his weapon. Felicitas tried to escape through the garden, but Ocampo shot the beautiful girl in the back. And then he committed suicide next to the woman who was never his. Felicitas was buried, but her soul continues to wander, grieving for the children who left her without realizing it, grieving for that love that could be and was not, Samuel Sáenz Valiente. His parents built a church with his name in Barracas. Those who usually go through that church on January 30, say that Felicitas usually approaches the old bars of the church. Desolate she walks every section of the place and moves through the bars looking for the love that was denied to her. That is why there are women as lonely as Felicitas who, at night, leave tied to the bars, handkerchiefs that greet the passage of the suffering soul of the rich young woman. They say that these handkerchiefs wake up wet with Felicitas's tears, that it is not the fault of the dew or the rain or anything that had a logical explanation. It is that these women have seen the ghost of Felicitas cry over her scarves, they have seen how that young woman, with sweet hands, unties the scarves and dries her eyes always full of tears, and then ties them back to the bars of the old Church .

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