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Lanusse, already a de facto president, organized the ‘Operativo Retorno’ in 1971 and the body was returned to Perón in Madrid, where he was exiled. General Perón was elected president of Argentina in 1973, but in the middle of the following year he died and his wife and vice president, María Estela Martínez, Isabelita, took charge of the country. Evita's remains continued in Puerta de Hierro, Madrid, until the Montoneros organization kidnapped Aramburu's body and asked that Eva had to be returned to the country. At the end of 1974, Isabelita ordered the mummified corpse to be repatriated, which was located in the Presidential office in Olivos while the construction of the Altar de la Patria was organized, but the coup d'état of March 1976 cut short the project. Five months later, the military dictatorship returned Evita's body to the Duarte family, who finally buried her in a double steel plate vault in the second basement of the Recoleta family cemetery. Since then it is the most visited crypt in the whole cemetery.

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