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Palacio de las Aguas

Palacio de las Aguas

Covered with 300,000 English majolicas, that were numbered, one by one to be put together that great architectural puzzle that today is one of the most exotic buildings in the city of Buenos Aires. Inside it houses a huge iron structure made in Belgium: 3 tank floors supported by 180 columns capable of holding more than 72 million liters of water to supply the City. The only strange thing here is the Belgian structure, not because Belgium did not do this type of work, but because in Argentina the common thing is English. The Belgians won the tender because they offered a much lower price to manufacture and assemble this structure. It is a one-of-a-kind work, true testimony to the importance given to public hygiene and drinking water by the rulers of the time. But not everything was glory from the beginning. Shortly after they had been enabled and, from time to time, the tanks were emptied to do the cleaning. At that time, crews of workmen entered to clean the walls. When cleaning them they realized that they were rusting and with the iron brushes that removed the rusty scales they were narrowing the walls. What had to be done? Cover all the interior iron with brick walls and special cement. Inside, today they are swimming pools with a grayish plaster that allowed greater waterproofing.

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