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Palacio Paz

Palacio Paz

It took 12 years to build this beautiful palace (1902-1914) José C. Paz was the owner of La Prensa newspaper. His dream was to turn that majestic building into the presidential residence. His house when he was president. But it could not be. He did not become president and could not even see his finished work. José C Paz died two years before the inauguration of his palace, that imposing construction located next to the Plaza San Martín and that has been operating for eight decades as the headquarters of the Círculo Militar. The building's façade, which faces Plaza San Martín, is inspired by the Chantilly Palace and on one of its sides on the Louvre's. They are just some of the signs of José C Paz's obsession with France. The Great Ballroom, one of the first rooms visitors are surprised to enter, is almost a tribute to the Versailles mirror gallery.

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