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The reader´s dream.

The reader´s dream.

It is a sculpture and sound and light installation. It is proposed as a tribute to national writers and at the same time as a stimulus tool for readers, generating a meeting place with art through interaction with the sculptural work. A large sleeping head on the surface of which relief typeface emerges, on the one hand, the dreaming face and behind it a comfortable seat in which the participants can locate themselves and be part of the work. Sitting there they will hear, through speakers included in the sculpture, the voice of writers who read their own texts. The audio track will be repeated continuously at a low volume, audible by those located in the seat. At dusk the sculpture is illuminated from inside, it glows in the dark by means of internal lights that turns the head into translucent material. The objective is to generate an experience in which the participating public is integrated into the work as a visual part of it and, at the same time, is attracted by the voices of the writers who narrate their texts. There is a large amount of material recorded by very diverse authors, to mention just a few: Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar, Oliverio Girondo, etc. This is one more example of how cultural Buenos Aires city is.

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