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EVITA TOUR – ‘La dama de la esperanza’ (‘The lady of hope’)

7 hs

This private tour is not politically based and you will be given the tools to recreate Evita´s intense life and why she is still a symbol in Argentina.

In this private tour you will be able to learn about Evita´s life and understand why she was and still is so important for us. You will visit Retiro railway station, The General Working Confederation (known as CGT), Luna Park (the place where Evita and Perón met for the first time), Evita and Peróns mansion(today the National Library), the hotel where she used to live. You will also visit Evita´s Museum, her grave at Recoleta Cemetery and Casa Rosada, where you will see the famous balcony from where she gave all her speeches. And why not have a cup of coffee with General Perón in a very special place….

Keep in mind that your private guide will provide specific additional information regarding each sight.

The tour includes a visit to the atelier of contemporary artist Nora Iniesta in the heart of San Telmo neighbourhood. The theme subject that resides in her works of art pay homage to this icon, Eva Perón. Nora Iniesta, with a career span of almost four decades, was named Citizen of Honour of Buenos Aires by the Legislature of the City (2015) www.norainiesta.com

Art Tour